I've been there before. I spent a majority of my teen and young adult years wanting to be smaller and skinnier, and I went through endless phases of chasing weight loss, and weight loss only. Sometimes it worked, but it never lasted, and it didn't get me far. 

Eventually, I decided to live for my long term health. I focused on getting stronger and getting better everyday. I improved my mindset created a lifestyle I looked forward to showing up to everyday. With that came a healthy. balanced weight, a strong body, a healed relationship with food, self awareness, and lasting confidence. 

Now I'm here to help you do the same. 

PERSONAL TRAINER · nutrition coach · mindset makeover-er

You found your coach!

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Hi I'm Morgan!


 Its so hard to find someone who is so positive and focuses on small sustainable changes. Morgan's workout plans are also so easy to follow and have given me confidence in the gym. I am a Root & Rise fan for life :) 

- Morgan T. 

"It is so refreshing to have someone in the wellness world that is supportive of a sustainable fitness and lifestyle plan."

What makes Root & Rise so valuable and different from just a monthly workout plan, is her eagerness to help and genuine interest in improving people's lives in a holistic and sustainable way. If I ever had any questions or concerns, she would address them promptly, making me feel like more than just another subscriber.

- Tres K.

"I'm in perhaps the best shape of my life, and Root & Rise has played a vital role in my fitness journey."

I am genuinely grateful for the guidance and support provided by Morgan. I highly recommend the Root and Rise Program if you seek a fitness program to stay consistent and reach long-term benefits. It has exceeded my expectations and has become a part of my routine!

- Luísa S. 

"Not only has my strength improved, but my overall well-being has been positively impacted."