10 ways to help you build confidence in the gym

May 25, 2023


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  1. Start doing consistent workouts at home and repeat the same exercises over and over to build muscle memory.
  2. Stick to the basics and focus on improving your form in foundational movements first. Work on your squats, push ups, deadlifts, rows, split squats/reverse lunges, bicep curls, lateral raises, and hip thrusts. You can start all of these exercises using just your bodyweight or a small pair of dumbbells! You do not need fancy or flashy exercises, so don’t let some of the things you see on social media distract you.
  3. Watch videos and look up exercises you need help getting the hang of. I have a ton of exercises tutorials on my YouTube channel if you need a place to start!
  4. Grab dumbbells and a bench to setup your own workout space in the gym.
  5. Check your gym’s class schedule and use the group fitness rooms to do your workouts there when there isn’t a class.
  6. Join a new gym that doesn’t intimidate you or go during hours when you don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the number of people there. Depending on your work schedule this could be tricky, but again, you can always find another gym or build up confidence at home.
  7. Start slow. Make it a goal to go in the weight room one time per week or do just one exercise.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to others. We’re all on different journeys and your experience, trajectory and body will always look different than the person next to you.
  9. Be supportive of other people in the weight room, not scared or critical. Lift each other up and make the weight room and gym a more comfortable place for everybody.
  10. Lastly, remember that most people are too busy caring about themselves in the gym to pay attention to you.

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